About Our School

We strives to provide quality education within a caring environment that balances the pursuit of academic excellence and the development of essential life skills, so as to empower all of the learners to achieve their potential and meet the challenges of a dynamic society, as responsible citizens. We aim to provide the best possible education to the students under our care we set within the parameters of sound values and a disciplined environment.

Our Mission

To develop and shape skills, values and attitudes through education and to promote effective participation in sports, arts and culture encompassing the spirit of Ubuntu in our society. The school will endeavour to educate every pupil to the best of her ability in an academic environment, encouraging independent thought and an enthusiasm for learning.It will attempt to instil in each pupil the tenets of justice, honesty, respect, tolerance and an understanding of others.


Background History of our school

Maxeke secondary school was founded in 1950 by Charlotte Maxeke after whom it was named. The school was a primary school before it was converted to a secondary school, the aim was to give better education to blacks and avoid Bantu education. Charlotte Maxeke looks for sponsors all over the world in order to fund the school, but in the sixties the school had to close down due to lack of funds.